Raspberry Pi and RISC OS software

QTM - ProTracker module music player (v1.45 for all RISC OS)

suneMenus - reverse menus opened near the right side of desktop (beta v1.02b, for all RISC OS)

AnyMode - allows use of any screen mode dimensions (beta v0.06b, Raspberry Pi)

FunkyDemo - the classic dance music demo from the 90’s updated for RISC OS 5


Retro-Archimedes software

RasterMan - The Raster Manager Module and technical demo (v0.16b)

!LemPatch - Patches Lemmings to use original Amiga music (v1.00)

!OnNoPatch - Patches On No More Lemmings to use original Amiga music (v1.00)

© Steve Harrison 2014
Software for RISC OS, by Steve Harrison